Polygonum Extract
Polygonum Extract (Trans Resveraterol 500mg) Wild and Natural (W&N) is most powerful dietary supplement for brain, cell regeneration (longevity), weigh management, and cardiovascular health. Trans Resveraterol is called the biggest discovery in this century which has been proven to stimulate calorie restriction effect in our body. This calorie restriction effect is meant to prevent
ageing process and the occurrence of degenerative diseases caused by obesity and less sport lifestyle. This product contains 500mg Trans-resveraterol in each capsule, which is the highest content in market nowadays.

Functions in general:
1. Calorie restriction and weigh management
2. Works as antioxidant and anti-inflammation
3. Effective as anti-cancer and anti-metastases
4. Minimize risk on diabetic mellitus
5. Repair blood pressure disorder and to maintain cardiovascular function
6. Maintain brain and memory's health
7. Reduce triglyceride and cholesterol level in blood
8. Maintain health of joint and liver
9. Prevent eye damage because of free radicals and functions to increase blood flow to eyes

Direction of use:
1-2 capsules each day

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