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Green Tosca Pte. Ltd. is commited to contribute to a healthier living. Our cold pressed culinary oils will give health benefits:

- Cholesterol free
- Unrefined, not deodorized or processed in any way
- Free from harmful solvent residues
- No added chemicals or preservatives
- Rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins
- Retained all natural flavour and odour, enhancing the taste of your cooking

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cooking oil type 1
Premium Oil type 1 is a specialty oil for cooking meats, poultry and sea food. It is a blend of cold pressed macadamia, peanut and sunflower oils. Thanks to its high heat tolerance, Premium Oil type 1 is suitable for high temperature cooking such as barbecues and pan frying. Marinade the meat with Premium Oil type 1 will keep your steak juicy. With its fresh nutty aroma, your cooking will never be the same again. More over, it is healthy and cholesterol free.... Read More