Royal Jelly
High Concentrated Royal Jelly Wild and Premium (W & P) is a pure and natural royal jelly (1020 mg) containing at least 2% fatty acids dehidroksi decanoate (10HDA) as the main bioactive compound and exclusive substance in royal jelly. This product is manufactured and packaged in one of the best neutraceutical and supplements factory in New Zealand.

Royal Jelly W & P is rich in protein, amino acids, acetylcholine, vitamin B complex, minerals, gamma globulin, collagen, and insulin-like peptides. The content of high royal jelly extract in High Concentrated Products Royal Jelly Wild and Premium (W & P) will provide optimal benefits for human body. In
addition, the amber colored packaging Polypropylene (plastic No. 5) on this product provides optimal protection for royal jelly, because some tests have proved that Polyprolylene has the best protection towards high-protein products, including royal jelly, especially to slower the browning reaction in royal jelly. This makes High Concentrated Royal Jelly Wild and Premium to become the best royal jelly product in terms of content and packaging.

Real efficacy Royall Jelly Capsule Wild and Premium:
1. Adding power, support physical activity
2. Improve sexual performance and vitality
3. Improve memory, learning ability, and confidence
4. Improving general health status
5. Increase appetite
6. Maintain healthy skin, function as anti-wrinkle, and heal wounds
7. Overcoming high blood pressure, and normalize low blood pressure
8. Helps reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus, (containing peptides like insulin)
9. Increase endurance, and functions as an anti-allergy
10. Reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, and as an anti-cholesterol

Direction For Use:
-Take 1-2 capsules per day
-Take 1-2 hours before or after meals

Always stored at cool temperatures

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