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Southbrook Vineyards Bioflavia Organic Red Wine Grape Skin Powder
Organic red wine grape skin powder, organic grape powder, Vitamin C.
Bioflavia is source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. Contains 11,000 ORAC Units per 10g serving.
Certified Organic - Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd., Ontario, Canada.
Product of Southbrook Vineyards, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada.
150 gr
Plastic canister with tamper-proof foil seal.
10g per single serving, once daily.
Mix in smoothies, juice, yogurt, ice cream or bake in bread, pasta, pizza crust or as a rub for poultry, fish, lamb and making soups. Recipes on web site.
11cm H x 7cm W x 7cm D
6 21605 90150 1
12 units per case
22cm H x 13cm W x 29cm D
2 years plus

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Bioflavia is a high source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health
Bioflavia organic red wine grape skin powder is a totally new and innovative product, which boasts a host of health promoting benefits. The making of Bioflavia starts with organic red wine grape skins sourced solely from Ontario's Niagara Wine Region. The grape skins are put through a comprehensive drying and separating process and then milled into a fine powder. Bioflavia grape skin powder has a high concentration of antioxidants and a fragrant wine-based-aroma and flavour.

A daily 10g serving of Bioflavia has 11,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) Units which provides a powerful boost of health promoting antioxidants. ORAC Units are a measure of the level of antioxidants in various foods and the ability to neutralize the process of oxidation and cell damage caused by free radicals in our bodies.

Bioflavia ORAC Value
Foods can be assigned an ORAC Value which determines the food's antioxidant strength or in other words its ability to neutralize free radicals, the disease-causing molecules that float around in our bodies. The higher the ORAC Value, the more powerful the food is in its disease fighting properties.

To ascertain specific ORAC Values, foods undergo specialized testing and analysis and the findings are measured in mmol/100g. For example, based on a 100g sample size Bioflavia has an ORAC Value of 110,000 Units.

Bioflavia's ORAC Value compares with other common foods such as acai fruit, raspberries, blueberries, goji berries and cranberries which have ORAC Values ranging from 3,290 to 102,700 Units.

If you are looking for a super-boost of antioxidants you need to look no further than Bioflavia!

Stir Bioflavia into a smoothie, juice, mix in yogurt or cereal. Bioflavia is also great in baking brownies, muffins, breads and cooking including stews and meatloaves.

Southbrook Vineyards An Organic, Biodynamic, and LEED® Gold Certified Vineyard
Southbrook Vineyards is the epitome and evolution of Marilyn and Bill Redelmeier's love story with wine, the land , and all things "local". Their commitment to the earth and sustainable business practices are top of mind in all their decision making-from their biodynamic and organic grape growing and winemaking philosophy to their LEED® certified building.

Their winery is situated on a 150-acre vineyard in the heart of the Niagara Wine Region, Ontario, Canada. Their goal is simple: produce great wines made with Bordeaux varieties and Chardonnay, as well as fruit wines through terroir and minimize their footprint on the planet. It has instilled a respect for the soil, water and ecosystems upon which great wine, and our planet, relies. From the beginning, Southbrook sought to provide a good example of what is possible in Ontario and around the world, and to pursue the Certifications to back it up.

Demeter Biodynamic | Pro-Cert Organic | LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) | Sustainable Winemaking Ontario | LFP (Local Food Plus) | VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) for grape wines | QC (Quality Certified) for fruit wines.

Certified Organic The Way Nature Intended It To Be
Organic farming emphasizes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water. Organic wine growing recognizes that healthy soils grow balanced grapes that produce the best wines. Organic wine making uses natural processes and rejects the use of synthetic chemicals.

Certified Biodynamic A Gift to Ourselves and Everyone Else
Southbrook is Canada's first winery to be Certified Biodynamic by Demeter, the international body that oversees Biodynamic Agriculture. The handwork , natural inputs, attentive vineyard care, selfsufficiency and observation of natural rhythms prescribed in Biodynamics simply offer a better working environment.

LEED® Certification Green is the New Gold Standard
Southbrook has earned the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Certification. LEED® is a "green" building rating system and it promotes global adoption of green building and development practices through the implementation of universal performance criteria.

Improving Health through Antioxidants
Ever wonder why an apple turns brown after it is cut open? You are witnessing the destructive effects of oxidation. Like the apple, oxidation or free radicals causes similar harm to the cells in our bodies.

Excessive free radicals impair the functioning of the human body by accelerating the aging process and contributing to many degenerative diseases including cancers, heart disease, diabetes, cataracts, osteoarthritis and Alzheimer's.

Today, there is a large amount o f research suggesting that high dietary intakes of antioxidant rich foods such as fruits and vegetables lower the risk of many of these conditions. Consuming foods with high ORAC Values can fight off free radicals and may help slow the degenerative processes associated with aging and many diseases.

In today's hectic lifestyle it is not always possible to consume the recommended 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

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